Thursday, December 26, 2002


woke up really earLy so that i can stay vigilant by my pc to look after my moduLes.. haha.. and i'm really tired anyway.. and i'm off tmr.. and thurs is my last day.. jOkes.. hOpe i get the siLLy SS moduLe man.. irritating la.. and today i'll be starting to give tuition again.. to a pri 2 indian girL.. hOpe i can make it. haha.. and she dun really mus haf tuition on mondays..

bLoody sianz.. juz reaLised this is lyk the 1st or 2nd day tt i'm actually at home and dun haf plans till nite.. haha.. think good oso la. nd the rest.

and it juz sank in that today is the 30th aLready! haha.. and tmr is new year's eve.. but i dun feeL anything.. lyk so un-happening.. think maybe coz i got no plans. and nothing to look 4ward to really.. haha..