Sunday, March 23, 2003

met up w annabelle for her b-dae dinner..

zakk, michelle c, christy, karen t and jin were dere oso.. along w ismaiL and his fren who is a serious hot chick. haha..

anyway ate at moonfish.. which is actually spaggedies w an improved menu.. the food was gOod and dessert was goOd oso. haha. satisfying..

anywayz, tmr got 8am class. sianz. haha. den free frm 10-1.. den got tutorial.. den v sianz la. got tO find a project grp.. i hate doing tt.. i prefer to do indiv work.. haha.. anti-social yes.. haha..

got tuition tmr oso.. hope d poor girl is feeling better..

i'm not feeling too good.. haha. kinda stone..

gotta do qt & sleep soon..

looking 4ward v-day.. when i'll be cooking 4 my darling gfs.. haha.. =)

oh welL..

nite nite~