Saturday, April 05, 2003

ok using my bro's pc..

i was damn damn damn damn sick yesterday and had to see a doc.. and didn't go to sch.. which proved to be quite bad coz i missed 1 french lecture which means missing a lot of stuff.. argh..

tmr i v-day.. so exciting!! gonna cooK for my darling gerfrens.. namely yoland, eLi, hOney hOn, renee, yvOnne & juLia.. haven't really decided on d menu yet.. except smoked salmon salad.. juz gonna go cold storage w eLi and see.. but quite sad oso coz i love roses but not getting any this yr... last yr i got 1 stalk.. (i think).. the yr before i got 1 rose & 1 sunfLower.. (i think) haha.. dunnO la.. i get more during concerts den on v-day.. haha..

anyway, thanks for all ur concern.. i am feeling much much better today so no worries.. but feeling better means a greater challenge to remember to take my anti-biotics.. haha..

anywayz, cLaypot is at my place now.. giving my bro physics tuition.. hOpe it aLL goes well.. haha..

got back my french tests.. not too bad.. haha.. 5/10 for compre, 20/20 for the written wrksheet, and 16/20 for the listening exercise.. muz work harder me.. haha..

oh wellest.. shd go catch up on my work now.. tk care ya aLL.. and haf a bLast this v-day!! dun maTter if u r not attached, juz go haf a blast w ur paLs!! and know that He loves us all.. =)