Thursday, April 03, 2003

source of love

ok i shd be going to sch for sectionals lyk now.. but dunno leh.. dey r always late anyway, so will juz leave after i blog..

yesterday watched this movie called "source of love" in sch, as part of the outreach effort made by VCF to the PRC scholars here.. super good and inspiring movie.. and v true la.. wish i could make my parents watch it man.. its abt how this guy, after having picked himself up after receiving Christ, starts to reach out to his family. His dad is the ULTIMATE stubborn kind.. and his sis v problematic wan.. and at d end of the day, he died when saving his dad in a road accident, but not b4 he shared and converted his delinquent fren, his mom, his sis.. and aft his death, his dad as well..

last night i watched taxi 1 on vcd.. and i realised i could actually pick up wad dey were saying now and den.. (d show is in french) and i realised i've actually watched the entire show before.. dunno y i was under the impression tt i onli watched half.. i muz be becoming seniLe..

going for campus min tonite w hOney hOn & yvonne.. quite excited =) really wish to be more involved in things but no means to..

oh well i better get going.. =)

haf a bLessed day~