Monday, December 30, 2002

ok i realised tt this in my 4th time blogging in d same day..

can blame it either on a) tt i'm a new blogger and this is all really exciting.. or b) i'm at home.. haf done all tt i feel lyk doing.. and having losta time to compose psychObabble and now need to unleash it.. haha. i think (b) is more true den (a)..

juz finished listening to sarah mclachlan's afterglow for the 12th time today. i'm not kidding. its fantastic. she's got a greaT voice and writes fantastic lyrics.. its playing for the 13th time now.

quite exciting.. tmr new year's eve.. think the most happening thing tt i'll be doing wud be to go for driving lesson in d morning.. den put up my cute 2004 wall calendar.. and its quite exciting tt i can start using my hello kitty PINK PINK PINK engagement calendar.. or planner.. those who r gonna see me in sch wiLL confirm get to see it! haha...

yah i think i'm d onli one ard into hello kitty and cars.. haha.. i'm now trying hard not to go into detail abt the new bmw 5-series.. or the 760Li.. or the volvo S80.. s80 executive.. Lexus LS430.. yada yada yada.. haha..

going back to nygh for alumni prac later after tuition.. haha.. havent been back to ny in more den a yr liao i thinK.. haha..

oh weLL.. forgot wad else i was going to say.. tiLL tonite den.. haha...

checking out RoMe Festival, coOl his..


"hearts break hearts mend love still hurts
visions clash planes crash still there's talk of
saving souls still the cold is closing in on us"