Friday, March 21, 2003

mOrning aLL!

its 21st of mar. how blardy fast is tt.. lyk i still feel as tho d yr has juz started or smth.. haha..

anywayz, had quite a gd day yesterday. my mom entertained frens at hOme and cooked a lot of stuff.. so was good.. budden got v noisy den cannot study.. den i down w a bad flu somemore.. sigh..

den went to claypot's place for cg.. and we had a pretty gd session, abt God's love for us. coincidentally, it was d msg during svc on sunday toO! but wad's sad is tt there'LL be no more cg for me tiLL after april 12th.. coz got band pracs on mondays.. and i shdn't be missing anymore, esp w concert juz round d corner..

meeTing up w annabeLLe and many other bookseLLers later for dinner this evening.. act am to meet jin wan.. lyk he's flying back today. actually, he shd be back already. but he MIA la.. havent been onLine since lyk friday.. den nv contact me. so i dunno man.. haha... think i'll end up heading down aLone can.. think i'LL leave JS lecture halfway or smth la.. haha.. or maybe juz not go at alL.. dunnoz..

oh weLL.. i sh go shOwer and head to sch soOn.. got HY2207 lecture at 10am..

cheeriOz & haf a gd & bLessed tuesday =)