Monday, April 07, 2003

yesterday was a great day of bonding w my girlfrens.. =)

lyk i had this insane idea of cooking for them really long ago and "booked" all of dem for v-day.. so last nite hOney hOn, eLi, yoyo, renee, yvonne & julia came over for dinner!! and w eLi's and my mom's heLp, i managed to whip up dory fish w garlic mushroom sauce, pasta, smoked salmon, pineapple-mango-orange ice-blended, and fruit kebabs w honey-yoghurt & mango yoghurt dip.. =) and my mom cooked ribs, which were really great!! but the fave was the dory fish.. my pasta kinda flopped.. it was not al dente and smth was missing but i dunno wad! argh!
me & eLi tried to budget but it still came close to ninety bucks for stuff.. but it was money weLL spent in my opinion, i lve fish.. hOpe my mom gives me back else i'm dead.. haha..

aft d gals left, me and eLi watched le divorce on vcd.. kinda no plot.. but kate hudsOn is so pretty and the show was done in france.. and it was all so pretty!! i want to go france!! paris!!!!! haha.. and find a rich man who buys me hermes kelly bags and scarves.. okok was kidding abt tt.. really.

so anywayz, going to ncc later.. bringing yoLand.. amazing.. i am so excited! and i am sure she is too!! everyday, i am reminded of how much He loves each and every single one of us. and no matter how hard we fall, He is here. to pick us up, comfort us, and everything that He does is a demonstration of His loving kindness..

recentLy haf been really confused abt sOme stuff.. and tho i pray everyday that i'LL yieLd it alL into His hands, somehow i am still bothered by it? i dunno.. lyk how u try to delude urself into thinking that things are all well and good when its not? and at the end of d day, u feel tired and used.. ok maybe "tired and used" is not the right phrase.. but i dunno how to say it!! i dunno how to put into words wad is going on inside me and i'm afraid if i do, things'll get worse and ARGH!! fuck it. i dunno man..

oh weLL looking at a great day today.. and hOpe things all take a turn for d beTter.. =)

Saturday, April 05, 2003

ok using my bro's pc..

i was damn damn damn damn sick yesterday and had to see a doc.. and didn't go to sch.. which proved to be quite bad coz i missed 1 french lecture which means missing a lot of stuff.. argh..

tmr i v-day.. so exciting!! gonna cooK for my darling gerfrens.. namely yoland, eLi, hOney hOn, renee, yvOnne & juLia.. haven't really decided on d menu yet.. except smoked salmon salad.. juz gonna go cold storage w eLi and see.. but quite sad oso coz i love roses but not getting any this yr... last yr i got 1 stalk.. (i think).. the yr before i got 1 rose & 1 sunfLower.. (i think) haha.. dunnO la.. i get more during concerts den on v-day.. haha..

anyway, thanks for all ur concern.. i am feeling much much better today so no worries.. but feeling better means a greater challenge to remember to take my anti-biotics.. haha..

anywayz, cLaypot is at my place now.. giving my bro physics tuition.. hOpe it aLL goes well.. haha..

got back my french tests.. not too bad.. haha.. 5/10 for compre, 20/20 for the written wrksheet, and 16/20 for the listening exercise.. muz work harder me.. haha..

oh wellest.. shd go catch up on my work now.. tk care ya aLL.. and haf a bLast this v-day!! dun maTter if u r not attached, juz go haf a blast w ur paLs!! and know that He loves us all.. =)

Thursday, April 03, 2003

source of love

ok i shd be going to sch for sectionals lyk now.. but dunno leh.. dey r always late anyway, so will juz leave after i blog..

yesterday watched this movie called "source of love" in sch, as part of the outreach effort made by VCF to the PRC scholars here.. super good and inspiring movie.. and v true la.. wish i could make my parents watch it man.. its abt how this guy, after having picked himself up after receiving Christ, starts to reach out to his family. His dad is the ULTIMATE stubborn kind.. and his sis v problematic wan.. and at d end of the day, he died when saving his dad in a road accident, but not b4 he shared and converted his delinquent fren, his mom, his sis.. and aft his death, his dad as well..

last night i watched taxi 1 on vcd.. and i realised i could actually pick up wad dey were saying now and den.. (d show is in french) and i realised i've actually watched the entire show before.. dunno y i was under the impression tt i onli watched half.. i muz be becoming seniLe..

going for campus min tonite w hOney hOn & yvonne.. quite excited =) really wish to be more involved in things but no means to..

oh well i better get going.. =)

haf a bLessed day~

Tuesday, April 01, 2003

April Fool, not really.

in central lib now.. trying to do SW readings.. still gotta go print out d lecture notes b4 i go for lecture. haha. totally forgot.

anyway, i bought 2 damn cooL posters in sch today.. X2 and Finding Nemo.. not for myself but as gifts. wanted the last samurai or the pirates of d carribean wan for myself but decided to save d mOoLah coz i dun haf d mooLah and oso coz my dad hates for us to out posters up.. so buy liao oso cannot put it up.. haha...

oh wellest.. wilL try to add more interesting stuff on my blog soOn.. =)

Thursday, March 27, 2003

juz finished one more set of js readings

tmr js tutorial so i hafta finish reading alL for this week.. i regret taking this moduLe. and wad's worse is tt my project wrk grp sucks. i'm feeLing v antagonized by the whole affair.. so let's just leave it at that..
managed to meet up w jin when he came back.. and t'was cooL.. but its only after he came back that i realised HOW packed my scheduLe really is this sem! haha..lyk i had stuff last sem too, but there was stiLL time la.. but now is lyk so terOk.. and not to mention wadeva free time i haf shd be spent catching up on readings or working on projects.. but somehow stuff juz doesn't get done?? so tho we said tt we'll do this and that yada yada during his break here.. i really dunno how much wiLL get dOne..
stiLL havent met up w estLe.. can't seem to contact her.. and she's flying back to canberra on d 13th already. sigh.
and anywayz, i think i need to see a dOc.. my dandruff prob has gone beyond wad is normaL levels and no medicated shampOo can fix d proB! wiLL try for one more wk.. and if it stiLL faiLs, i am going to see a doc.
speaking of seeing a doc, i need to make appt w my dentist..
today is d last day of CNY.. and i didn't manage to go to river angbao.. so sad. this yr one lyk so happening.. and for the entire 15 days that was CNY i didn't manage to go.. sad.. nexT yr muz make more effort to gO man..
oh weLLest, smth's bugging me but i can't say it. i dun even know if its smth concrete i shd be bugged by or izzit juz a figment of my own hyper-sensitivity..
oh wanna thank ivan ah-kor for buying me tt cute pink penciLcase as a belated b-dae prezzie =)

back to js readings.. sigh..

"trust in the Lord w all your heart and all your mind, and lean not on your own understanding"

Sunday, March 23, 2003

met up w annabelle for her b-dae dinner..

zakk, michelle c, christy, karen t and jin were dere oso.. along w ismaiL and his fren who is a serious hot chick. haha..

anyway ate at moonfish.. which is actually spaggedies w an improved menu.. the food was gOod and dessert was goOd oso. haha. satisfying..

anywayz, tmr got 8am class. sianz. haha. den free frm 10-1.. den got tutorial.. den v sianz la. got tO find a project grp.. i hate doing tt.. i prefer to do indiv work.. haha.. anti-social yes.. haha..

got tuition tmr oso.. hope d poor girl is feeling better..

i'm not feeling too good.. haha. kinda stone..

gotta do qt & sleep soon..

looking 4ward v-day.. when i'll be cooking 4 my darling gfs.. haha.. =)

oh welL..

nite nite~

Friday, March 21, 2003

mOrning aLL!

its 21st of mar. how blardy fast is tt.. lyk i still feel as tho d yr has juz started or smth.. haha..

anywayz, had quite a gd day yesterday. my mom entertained frens at hOme and cooked a lot of stuff.. so was good.. budden got v noisy den cannot study.. den i down w a bad flu somemore.. sigh..

den went to claypot's place for cg.. and we had a pretty gd session, abt God's love for us. coincidentally, it was d msg during svc on sunday toO! but wad's sad is tt there'LL be no more cg for me tiLL after april 12th.. coz got band pracs on mondays.. and i shdn't be missing anymore, esp w concert juz round d corner..

meeTing up w annabeLLe and many other bookseLLers later for dinner this evening.. act am to meet jin wan.. lyk he's flying back today. actually, he shd be back already. but he MIA la.. havent been onLine since lyk friday.. den nv contact me. so i dunno man.. haha... think i'll end up heading down aLone can.. think i'LL leave JS lecture halfway or smth la.. haha.. or maybe juz not go at alL.. dunnoz..

oh weLL.. i sh go shOwer and head to sch soOn.. got HY2207 lecture at 10am..

cheeriOz & haf a gd & bLessed tuesday =)