Wednesday, March 19, 2003

okie.. had a gd time at church today

powerfuL msg =) He spoke to me thru d msg tt was given.. =) and i signed up for campus ministry w hOney hOn and yvonne tOo.. =)

was thinking of the "situation" with my parents regarding this issue.. ok its not really a situation if dey dunno anything.. but welL.. dey HAVE to know sooner or later.. argh!! i dunno la.. crappies.. wiLL juz continue to yieLd everything into His hands and when He speaks, i wiLL act and leave the resuLts into His hands..

argh. i still feel antagonized.

tmr gonna have cg @ claypot's place.. so far! but i hafta go.. coz aft 2/2/04 i'LL not be able to go for CG untiL after concert liao.. coz of band.. concerts coming up so its really more impt at this point ya? sigh..

i'm damn broke.. and the month has juz started. i'm bloody screwed.. sigh.. oh welL..

my dandruff has been getting worse and i think it reached its peak today man. feeling v antagonized.. hpe d new shampoo works.

oh welLesT..

"and i will love You all my life
for You are my reason
the One that i live for..
and i will love You all my life
for You are the reason
You're the One that i live for....."

sang this song in church today.. greaT sonG! i love it.. i think it really encapsulates wad i wanna say.. too bad i cant recalL the entire song.. oh weLL.. =)

nite worLd~