Thursday, March 27, 2003

juz finished one more set of js readings

tmr js tutorial so i hafta finish reading alL for this week.. i regret taking this moduLe. and wad's worse is tt my project wrk grp sucks. i'm feeLing v antagonized by the whole affair.. so let's just leave it at that..
managed to meet up w jin when he came back.. and t'was cooL.. but its only after he came back that i realised HOW packed my scheduLe really is this sem! haha..lyk i had stuff last sem too, but there was stiLL time la.. but now is lyk so terOk.. and not to mention wadeva free time i haf shd be spent catching up on readings or working on projects.. but somehow stuff juz doesn't get done?? so tho we said tt we'll do this and that yada yada during his break here.. i really dunno how much wiLL get dOne..
stiLL havent met up w estLe.. can't seem to contact her.. and she's flying back to canberra on d 13th already. sigh.
and anywayz, i think i need to see a dOc.. my dandruff prob has gone beyond wad is normaL levels and no medicated shampOo can fix d proB! wiLL try for one more wk.. and if it stiLL faiLs, i am going to see a doc.
speaking of seeing a doc, i need to make appt w my dentist..
today is d last day of CNY.. and i didn't manage to go to river angbao.. so sad. this yr one lyk so happening.. and for the entire 15 days that was CNY i didn't manage to go.. sad.. nexT yr muz make more effort to gO man..
oh weLLest, smth's bugging me but i can't say it. i dun even know if its smth concrete i shd be bugged by or izzit juz a figment of my own hyper-sensitivity..
oh wanna thank ivan ah-kor for buying me tt cute pink penciLcase as a belated b-dae prezzie =)

back to js readings.. sigh..

"trust in the Lord w all your heart and all your mind, and lean not on your own understanding"

Sunday, March 23, 2003

met up w annabelle for her b-dae dinner..

zakk, michelle c, christy, karen t and jin were dere oso.. along w ismaiL and his fren who is a serious hot chick. haha..

anyway ate at moonfish.. which is actually spaggedies w an improved menu.. the food was gOod and dessert was goOd oso. haha. satisfying..

anywayz, tmr got 8am class. sianz. haha. den free frm 10-1.. den got tutorial.. den v sianz la. got tO find a project grp.. i hate doing tt.. i prefer to do indiv work.. haha.. anti-social yes.. haha..

got tuition tmr oso.. hope d poor girl is feeling better..

i'm not feeling too good.. haha. kinda stone..

gotta do qt & sleep soon..

looking 4ward v-day.. when i'll be cooking 4 my darling gfs.. haha.. =)

oh welL..

nite nite~