Monday, April 07, 2003

yesterday was a great day of bonding w my girlfrens.. =)

lyk i had this insane idea of cooking for them really long ago and "booked" all of dem for v-day.. so last nite hOney hOn, eLi, yoyo, renee, yvonne & julia came over for dinner!! and w eLi's and my mom's heLp, i managed to whip up dory fish w garlic mushroom sauce, pasta, smoked salmon, pineapple-mango-orange ice-blended, and fruit kebabs w honey-yoghurt & mango yoghurt dip.. =) and my mom cooked ribs, which were really great!! but the fave was the dory fish.. my pasta kinda flopped.. it was not al dente and smth was missing but i dunno wad! argh!
me & eLi tried to budget but it still came close to ninety bucks for stuff.. but it was money weLL spent in my opinion, i lve fish.. hOpe my mom gives me back else i'm dead.. haha..

aft d gals left, me and eLi watched le divorce on vcd.. kinda no plot.. but kate hudsOn is so pretty and the show was done in france.. and it was all so pretty!! i want to go france!! paris!!!!! haha.. and find a rich man who buys me hermes kelly bags and scarves.. okok was kidding abt tt.. really.

so anywayz, going to ncc later.. bringing yoLand.. amazing.. i am so excited! and i am sure she is too!! everyday, i am reminded of how much He loves each and every single one of us. and no matter how hard we fall, He is here. to pick us up, comfort us, and everything that He does is a demonstration of His loving kindness..

recentLy haf been really confused abt sOme stuff.. and tho i pray everyday that i'LL yieLd it alL into His hands, somehow i am still bothered by it? i dunno.. lyk how u try to delude urself into thinking that things are all well and good when its not? and at the end of d day, u feel tired and used.. ok maybe "tired and used" is not the right phrase.. but i dunno how to say it!! i dunno how to put into words wad is going on inside me and i'm afraid if i do, things'll get worse and ARGH!! fuck it. i dunno man..

oh weLL looking at a great day today.. and hOpe things all take a turn for d beTter.. =)