Saturday, March 15, 2003

tom cruise rOx!!

hey hey.. today has been quite a good day la. watch last samurai. tom cruise rOx!! super coOL shOw!! but peTer pan rOx toO!!

today spent a lot of mooLah.. die la!!!! feb muz scrimp and save liaOz.. sighz.. sometimes i think my generous nature is d bane of my life.. haha.. but i shaLL entrust everything into His hands.. finances incLuded.. =)

oh i was in town.. to pick my bro frm tuition den haf dinner.. den william was w me.. and so was half of the sg population.. damn packed!! den we walked and walked and didnt get anywhere.. ended up centrepoint and ate at fish & co.. and dere was a HUGE crowd of HCJC ppL.. J1s.. makes me feel old. but nvm.. THEY WERE BLARDY NOISY!! totally turned me off can....... wah lau................................................ i want to write in to d sch and bitch..lyk i still remember my days in sch sch, how some ppL always write in to NYGH to complain abt "inappropriate behaviour" of ny gaLs and yada yada... but muz wait la.. haha.. now no mood.. haha..

bought a booK on WWI today.. damn cooL! haha but gotta read it la..

oh well.. i wanna go church tmR.. i want i want i want!! i haf tO!!!!!!!!!!