Wednesday, February 19, 2003

juz got home frm meeting up w steve, kok & eLi..

was ok la.. a bit funny coz.. yah.. but it was ok larz.. nice to catch up w ppL i havent seen a quite a long whiLe..

wanted to go indoor stadium wan.. but woke up at 8.. was pouring.. and i feLt dead.. and i dunno how to explain to my parents y i'm going out so earLy.. so decided not to go instead.. haha.. v bad rite? sigh.. mus go next week man..

tmr got sch!! haha.. i've been so blardy sLack d past 3 weeks of sch.. and its week 4 aLready! wtf... mus puLL my ankLe socks up to my chin and wOrk hard man... argH! i need a 4.0!! okok i've goTta chiLL and be coOL.. juz leave things in His hands.. i can do it as He sustains me... :D

trying to work on making my bLog skin.. so if u guys lyk suddenly see funny things, juz refresh d page again and hopefuLLy it'LL be ok.. it juz means i'm onLine and trying to do smth funny to the page.. haha..

my ang bao collecting has ceased (sadLy).. and i juz spent lyk a lot of mooLah today, mainly to buy jin's sis a nice wedding gift.. its so nice and sweeT, i want it for myself.. but its out of point to keep it for myself.. haha..

so anywayz, have a good week ahead.. and knowing me.. i'll juz bLog again later tonighT.. haha...