Saturday, March 15, 2003

tom cruise rOx!!

hey hey.. today has been quite a good day la. watch last samurai. tom cruise rOx!! super coOL shOw!! but peTer pan rOx toO!!

today spent a lot of mooLah.. die la!!!! feb muz scrimp and save liaOz.. sighz.. sometimes i think my generous nature is d bane of my life.. haha.. but i shaLL entrust everything into His hands.. finances incLuded.. =)

oh i was in town.. to pick my bro frm tuition den haf dinner.. den william was w me.. and so was half of the sg population.. damn packed!! den we walked and walked and didnt get anywhere.. ended up centrepoint and ate at fish & co.. and dere was a HUGE crowd of HCJC ppL.. J1s.. makes me feel old. but nvm.. THEY WERE BLARDY NOISY!! totally turned me off can....... wah lau................................................ i want to write in to d sch and bitch..lyk i still remember my days in sch sch, how some ppL always write in to NYGH to complain abt "inappropriate behaviour" of ny gaLs and yada yada... but muz wait la.. haha.. now no mood.. haha..

bought a booK on WWI today.. damn cooL! haha but gotta read it la..

oh well.. i wanna go church tmR.. i want i want i want!! i haf tO!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, March 12, 2003

unearthly hour

hey hey.. i'm seldom online @ this unearthly hour.. but i had to charge my lappie to completion..

and i juz came back frm watching peter pan.. super nice shOw!!! the guy is so cuTe!! and the girL is v pretty toO!!

actually planned to watch 2130 show wan.. but d person i was watching w onli contacted me at 2120.. den west malL v lau pOk.. onli got 2130 and 2345 show.. lyk nothing that is 2200 wan.. so we ended up stoning @ macs and caught the 2345 show.. i Had to catch peter pan, after how hOney hOn and aLl raved abt it..

he was v tired and kinda gone liao.. not to mention kinda sick and all.. but still watched the 2345 show.. haha.. ok he JUST reached hOme. haha..

oh well.. such are things now.. am gLad that i've had this time w him, tho it was nothing much.. i haf surrendered aLL things into the hands of the Lord and i'm coOL.. =)

stiLL haf unanswered qns, but i haf come to see that there's really nothing more to say. the qns haf been rendered pointless.. and generated becoz i was trying to controL stuff.. i have seen past it already =)

the Lord is good! and His mercies endure forever =)

its now @ 98%.. when wiLL it charge to 100%?? i'm really feeling v unweLL, but i can't pinpoint wad's wrong.. dunno la.. wiLL pop 2 panadoLs and go sLeep soOn...

Sunday, March 09, 2003

in pain!!

heLLo.. me in centraL lib.. waiting for lesson at 4.. doing SW readings while i'm at it..
mus tell u all abt JS tutorial today!! this wk is wk4, and last night, i stayed up to do wk 4's readings. but NO!! she has to do wk 3 readings! and gave us a quiz on it!! and she say can refer to notes, but it juz so happened that i didn't haf last wk's notes w me! so basically, of the three qns, i could onli do the 1st one, smoked the 2nd one.. and was totally clueless abt the 3rd one. and the stupid "o" key on my keyboard is not working.. muz press v hard den can..

i dunno wad limin is trying to do man.. she's lyk purposely chattering her teeth.. say wad the sound v nice.. i think she do too much econs.. den become a bit mad..

oh yah its gonna be feb soon.. muz call my dentist and check out my retainers.. haha..

oh welL.. i wrecked my right shoulder and shoulder blade.. the bone is lyk flattened.. haha.. and v paiN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its killing me can.. argH!

cannot make it.

yah tues is juz round d corner.. =) haha..

i am going psychotic..

i need to wrk harder.

i need to be more chao mugger.


take care alL u shiny ppL..

and HoNey hOn, u rock my worLd =)