Tuesday, February 04, 2003

had a late nite/earLy morning talk w cLaypoT..

and it reaLLy put sOme sTuff into perspective for me.. the conversation took a surprisingly "chim" turn at abt 3 pLus 4 am in d mOrning.. and we were lyk talking abt chim enough sTuff already.. (think we started talking abt liking vs loving.. den theologicaL sTuff.. den poLitics.. yada yada..)

this naTuraLLy lefT me feeLing reaLLy awake at a time when i shd aLready be sLeeping lyk a baby.. crappies..

but to sum up my refLections, wad hit me (again) was that love is aLL emcompassing. God is Love. so God is all emcompassing. and dere is no love greater den His love for us la :) (for more details, visit cLaypot's bLog; tho i muz say dere are a few finer detaiLs which i dun agree w him la..)

wad hit me for the first time is that recently, i've been getting to know myseLf all over again esp in d last 2 weeks or so. and its cooL.. haha... and aLso d facT that i'm actually not as confused as i think i am!! (so to ivan's tag to put my hands up if i'm confused abt love, i wanna say that my hand was raised, but i put it down at abt 5am this morn) :D wanna cLarify that its not that i'm not in love/out of love.. and for u aLL scandaL-loving ppL, me and cLaypot are juz gOod frens!! we both haf someone in mind, and its freakily coincidentaL that we r boTh not ready to make any commitments to anyone.. oh weLL..

i've surrendered everything into the hands of God.. i try to anyway.. sometimes we overestimate ourseLves, or try to teLL Him that there are areas in our life that we can take charge of.. which i haf come to see as smth siLLy la.. when He is Lord, He is Lord over ALL things.. :)

gonna change my hair coLour soOn.. hafta haf an obvious change on d outside to constantly remind myseLf that i'm different on d inside liao.. so i wun faLL back into oLd famiLiar shOes ^_^


haf a greaT mid-week!! -hugz-