Monday, January 20, 2003

juz got back frm ny concert.

felt good to be playing again. and lyk sing ny's cheena sch song.. after 5 yrs of not singing it.. haha.. really had a good time tonite.. :) looking forward to attending ntu's concert on the 27th.. v long nv go concert w the ny crowd. :)

anyway, yah it's been a good day on d whole :) things worked out in my head. God spoke and i trusted. learnt that it's really all abt letting go and letting God take over. and i'm happier. think joyful wud be better word.. haha..

oh and to all whom i haf promised to meet up with, or is planning to meet up with, juz wanna say that mondays are bad.. i haf full day class till 4, den 0430 got tuition, den aft tt muz run back to nus for either cg or band.. haha.. wednesdays are generally good :)

anyway, i've really grown in d past week or so.. and i'm a better person now. learning to surrender everything to God larz.. :) let Him be in controL :)

cheeriOs.. :)