Wednesday, January 22, 2003


haha.. its 9:47 on a sunday morning! haha.. for some its reaLLy earLy to be up and onLine. haha. oh well.. haha.. refLex action. wake up, stone, mind wander, wander into places i dun like, msg a couple of ppl, reply dem, den hop of bed, wear specs, on lappie. this happens when i dun haf class at lyk 10am la. haha.

so anywayz, yah i am feeling better. and i hope that you are too. really sorry i farked up. its entirely my fault i know that. and i do know where u r coming from. hope when u get my card it'll all be clearer where i stand. not expecting much. juz for us to start over as frens. ok? and promise to NEVER, NEVER EVER mention this unpleasant episode again. ok? juz start over as frens according to d current situation. things haf changed, i know that. juz dun talk abt wad caused the change.. it makes life easier. can?

so anywayz, hOpe that today will be a bLessed sabbaTh.. for me and for aLL.. sarah mclachlan rocks!!