Friday, January 10, 2003

ok i finally can view my own bLog.

and i'm finally listening to mirrorbalL! haha!! but after listening to aftergLow, i still prefer aftergLow. mean lyk its a more mature sound frm her, with more moving lyrics... sad but dey speak to me more den her old songs. but i love dem all anyway :D

anyway, today was pretty cooL.. went to watch "love me if u dare".. finaLLy. fantastic movie! super welL done, juz didnt really lyk the ending la. but its v.. haunting... and its in french which makes it all the cooler.. maybe one day i can watch it and understand wad dey're saying w/o having to read the subtitles all d time.. haha.. french is such a beautiful language :)

need to shop. but no $$.. haha..

oh and i think my mom's ok abt the money thing liao, coz today i got my pay and topped up the savings acc.. haha..

anyway, tmr is back to sch after 2 days.. haha... oh weLL... den its the weekend.. den its 2nd wk liaO!!! nd to get all my readings soON!!!! -panic panic- haha.. kidding.. i'm cOOL!! haha...

getting really psychotic.. better log off soOn.. haha..