Wednesday, February 05, 2003

hello.. v sianz now. in arts canteen..

juz stoning w claypot and ian and ah-kor.. v warm!!!!! tho i wearing shorts.. i'm still feeling blardy hot.. ok using claypot's lappie now. trying to think of ways to destroy it w/o him realising it.
so anyway, i went shopping last nite but bot nothing. v sad. nd to go shopping soon and find smth to buy. sigh..
so anyway, i got french class at 2. haha.
and anyway, i need to stoooody but lyk no mood.. crap.. think that i'll go into e flow when tutorials start. but den again, i have a sucky timetable this sem.. sigh.. 5 day week can.. and lyk not much free time.. sigh..
anywayz agian.. sarah mclachlan rocks.. haha...
anywayz again again, i got craving fro haagen's green tea ice cream.. argh...
looking forward to dinner tmr.. haha.. liang better whip up smth soLid..
argh i need to read.. and find my readings.. haha..
argh.. ok larz.. slept v well last nite. my hair looks v red sometimes. and v dark sometimes. dunno larz.. haha..
claypot and ian says i look lian w red hair.. oh welL.. i nv tot that i cud look lian even if i tried.. so wadeva la.. haha... i happy can liaoz.. rite? MUAHAHA.. :D