Sunday, February 09, 2003

me in in sch now.. in the central lib..

dis farking cold place.. trying to read abt honda (not the car-maker) toshiaki and the discovery of europe... or more generally, abt late tokugawa reformers. haha.. crappies.. but decided to go read the bloggies of my usuaL ppL and smth hit me la. so here i am blogging la.

anyway, i think that humans are reaLLy irritating and super one-kind la!! we can say one thing and do another. say one thing and feel another. wear a farking mask, and tell ppl tt we r wearing a farking mask. den wads e pt of wearing d mask? and i think its understood tt everyone wears a farking mask la.. who walks ard, exposed, open and vulnerable to all things? some things are better lefT unsaid.. but if we dun say, its as tho we dun care. but if we say it, den its as thO we r either (a) stating d obvious (b) trying to get attention (c) wadeva other reason the warped human mind can think of. haha. i'm not saying that i'm not guilty of it.. or haf nv been guilty of it.. i'm juz saying that...... oh well.. better not say.. scarly get slammed.. jOkes..

we are all God's creation.. surely we weren't made to be so perverse, depraved.... yada yada??? wad d fark happened to us????? sigh....

oh i juz wanna show appreciation for those who haf been dere w me, for me, and stiLL are. u guys know who u r.. :D God bLess..

i love my red hair. its so me.

and its farking coLd here la.. and i haf SW1101E lecture at 4pm.. sianz..

and i need a man.. but i dun want one. haha. doubLe jOkes. oh welL..

back to honda toshiaki... den SW1101E...

i need to get my readings.. readings... readings...............................................