Saturday, February 08, 2003

today went to KOPERWELTEN..

otherwise known as BODY WORLDS... at expO! super duper uLtimate cooL!! i wanna go again!!! i went ard the place, thinking that this is such SOLID SHIT (sTuff) the entire time! its super soLid!!!!! jin betTer come go w me again when he geTs his aSs bacK! haha...

oh and i cleaned my roOm today. actually, its onli one shelf.. but the shelf with the most-est sTuff.. the shelf which i haf not cleaned for a few years coz i was in absolute deniaL.. so anyway i cleaned it out today.. threw out 3 big bags of stuff. and the shelf, along with alL its reaLLy nice and neaT now.. feeling quite gOod now.. i uncovered a lot of sTuff.. lyk pri sch stuff.. and yah la.. all sorts of sTuff la.. :D

so anywayz, i went shOpping yesterday and i bought damn a loT a loT sTuff!! haha... feeLs quite shiOk.. cooL sia.. mom was in good moOd.. and i bought a lot of stuff which i wun otherwise buy.. and best part is that most stuff is she suggest that i get wan can. lyk white/pink dress.. and ra-ra sKirtz... haha..

anywayz.. tmr got cLass at 8am!!! freakz....... how am i gonna hauL my fat ass out of bed at that unearThLy hour maN...... sigh..

i wanna go chinatOwn.. and get my yearLy henna tattOo on my hand! and i wanna go KTV! haha.. jOkeS...