Thursday, February 06, 2003

i'm home frm daryl's place..

his room is nice and minimalist now. (not lyk i knoe wad it looked it before d overhauL..) but well.. its darn nice and i wanna clear my roOm too. but no $$ and no time.. haha.. oh weLLs.. and liang made steak.. and wedges and clam chowder.. and we had lyk fantestic ice-cream w losta toppings courtesy of eLi.. haha.. den watched this REALLY DARN COOL show called "Drumline"!! its darn cooL!! percussion rOcks!! we r d puLse of d band man!!!! yah so anywayz its a really cooL shoW..

love this chair he bought. think i'Ll go ikea and try find a red or yelLow one for me roOm.. :D

love juz chillin anD hanging ard at a frens place in a small grp... recharges my baTtery... thanks daryL, liang anD eLi :D

going for ntu concert sat nite..(tonite la..) excited! v long nv go concert w d ny crowd..

i havent coOked a fuLL meaL in ages!! wanna cooK.. but no time.. and my granny dominates d kitchen lyk dunnO wad lidaT.. and i hate to cLean up.. oh weLL... i think i still owe SC10 a pasta party since end of 2001... haha...

anywayz, haf a bLast this weekend!!