Thursday, March 06, 2003

Long Day

6th March 2003. haha. sorry man.. can't get out of it. haha.. oh wellest.. my day has been pretty good in d whole, despite me not being myself..

i guess i really enjoyed social work tutorial today.. but i think js tutorial will suck.. (its tmr morn). oh well.. hope its still survivable..

went for esc today. was quite fun talking to the prcs.. tho my grp is lyk the smallest and therefore quietest in the room, i think small grp is good oso.. easier to communicate? =)

i muz start putting 110% of myself into band man.. concert coming.. not lyk i mind.. i do love music and playing music.. its juz that i'LL hafta give up CG on mondays.. sigh sigh..

do come for NUS concert on the 12th of march, 8pm @ UCC if u can.. it'll be much appreciated =) can either sms me (if u haf my number).. hope to see many many of my frens dere =)

so anywayz, its 2340 already.. 6th Mar is ending soon.. i still haf unanswered questions.. which i dun dare to ask.. and since i've promised God certain stuff, i'LL juz leave it as that la.

i yield everything into Your mighty Hands, oh Father in Heaven! =)

as my Honey Hon has put it so well, i beLieve in Jesus! i do, i do!

sarah mc sings "fear"