Tuesday, February 11, 2003

i finaLLy went to chinatoWn!

but kinda sad coz d henna tattOo i goT wasn't as nice as it shd be. sighz... oh but i did manage to get a nice pink shawL for onli $5.. cheap cheap.. :D
bLardy fast.. tmr is CNY eve liao.. sch has started for 3 weeks and i havent dOne anything soLid.. after CNY i muz reaLLy get dOwn to sTuff man..

so anywayz, was reading my honey hon's bLog and she has once again reminded of my HeavenLy Father's infinite love for ME and YOU and EVERYONE.. and i ask myseLf why do i aLLow myseLf to feeL so dejected / rejected sometimes?? it hurTs Him when i hurt.. simpLy coz He loves me so. and i shd, esp in d times of trial, STANDFAST in FAITH.. :D thanks again to my honey hOnz and aLL my darLing frens.. :)

anywayz, smth v interesting occurred to me today.. but not v convenient to post here.. cOz i reaLised my bLog is wideLy linked.. haha.. but i juz hafta say that smth occurred to me.. haha.. not exacTLy "occurred", but yah.. i reaLised smth la. haha... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...

so anywayz, hOpe u aLL wud bear in mind our Lord's all emcompassing love for YOU.. and i pray that you aLL wud haf a bLessed CNY :D