Wednesday, March 12, 2003

unearthly hour

hey hey.. i'm seldom online @ this unearthly hour.. but i had to charge my lappie to completion..

and i juz came back frm watching peter pan.. super nice shOw!!! the guy is so cuTe!! and the girL is v pretty toO!!

actually planned to watch 2130 show wan.. but d person i was watching w onli contacted me at 2120.. den west malL v lau pOk.. onli got 2130 and 2345 show.. lyk nothing that is 2200 wan.. so we ended up stoning @ macs and caught the 2345 show.. i Had to catch peter pan, after how hOney hOn and aLl raved abt it..

he was v tired and kinda gone liao.. not to mention kinda sick and all.. but still watched the 2345 show.. haha.. ok he JUST reached hOme. haha..

oh well.. such are things now.. am gLad that i've had this time w him, tho it was nothing much.. i haf surrendered aLL things into the hands of the Lord and i'm coOL.. =)

stiLL haf unanswered qns, but i haf come to see that there's really nothing more to say. the qns haf been rendered pointless.. and generated becoz i was trying to controL stuff.. i have seen past it already =)

the Lord is good! and His mercies endure forever =)

its now @ 98%.. when wiLL it charge to 100%?? i'm really feeling v unweLL, but i can't pinpoint wad's wrong.. dunno la.. wiLL pop 2 panadoLs and go sLeep soOn...