Monday, March 03, 2003

i'm so sianz

and unusually quiet. and tired? and i confused? i dunno la. haha. i am, in a nutshell, juz not feeling myself. haha.

am going to join campus ministry w HONey honz.. so excited!! haha.. =)

went for comm parade today, was quite cooL.. and tho weather was bad.. it was not THAT bad la.. so its cooL.. =)

sch was ok.. as i've mentioned in my earLier bLog la..

tmr got band.. quite exciting oso.. and got ESC! hOpe i dun say smth stupid.. or start feeling anti-social or wad la.. haha wun la.. i know my Lord is looking after me..

ok la.. till tmr den.. i'm really not myself.. and claypot is really not helping.. mean lyk he's juz saying for fun (i hope) but stiLL.. sigh.. i'm really not myself..

oh welL.. nite worLd~