Friday, February 21, 2003

squeezing w the horrendous crowd

hi alL.. hOpe u aLL had a good 1st day of CNY.. mine was pretty ok. cept for a rather unpleasant 1/2 hour or so squeezing w the horrendous crowd at the si ma lu guan yin tang near bugis.. the big temple near albert complex la..

wah today go visiting, den everyone was commenting abt my bro.. how he's grown, how much he looks lyk my dad, how good looking he is now.... not jealous or anything (i think my bro is pretty good-looking la!) but i suddenly feel really fat and ugly standing next tO him.. and i wonder wad happened to me man.... haha..

tmr going m'sia to do visiting.... for once i dun feel v keen.. i've actually been feeling kinda anti-sociaL.. dun ask me why.. haha...

i wonder how's angbao collection for everyone this yr? mine is better den last yr coz my dad did a huge favour for my aunt and so she gave us kids an extra big angbao la.. haha... can't wait to buy a pair of birkenstocks w the money man.. i need a pair of good slip-ons.. enough of laupok ten bucks slippers which kills my feet and den tries to kiLL me when dey wear out aft a month or so... yah man.. birkies, here i come!

my gd88 kept restarting itself when i was msg-ing today.. think its finally starting to show signs of wear and tear frm being dropped.. wah liaO... so sad la.. everytime i drop my phone its coz someone pushed me or bump into me or when i trying to siam someone wan lo.. sad case..

was talking to my oldest cousin today.. she's lyk 30 and unmarried, has a horrendous horrendous temper and attitude which can flare up as and when, juz ended a relationship, not v successful career wise (if u even consider her job a career la) and totally disillusioned w men. she juz wanna find a old rich man and be his kept woman lo.. sigh.. and she's telling me w my caliber wad kind of men i shd go for and yada yada.. i feel sad hearing her talk, seeing wad she's become... but wad's sadder is that most of wad she says, tho i may not agree, are horrendously true la.. sighz.. i hope i'm not so cynicaL when i'm tt age man.. ok la i know i won't, coz i haf JESUS in my life :D

yup and with that note, i wish everyone a happy and bLessed CNY!

sarah mclachlan sings "fumbling toward ecstasy"

Wednesday, February 19, 2003

juz got home frm meeting up w steve, kok & eLi..

was ok la.. a bit funny coz.. yah.. but it was ok larz.. nice to catch up w ppL i havent seen a quite a long whiLe..

wanted to go indoor stadium wan.. but woke up at 8.. was pouring.. and i feLt dead.. and i dunno how to explain to my parents y i'm going out so earLy.. so decided not to go instead.. haha.. v bad rite? sigh.. mus go next week man..

tmr got sch!! haha.. i've been so blardy sLack d past 3 weeks of sch.. and its week 4 aLready! wtf... mus puLL my ankLe socks up to my chin and wOrk hard man... argH! i need a 4.0!! okok i've goTta chiLL and be coOL.. juz leave things in His hands.. i can do it as He sustains me... :D

trying to work on making my bLog skin.. so if u guys lyk suddenly see funny things, juz refresh d page again and hopefuLLy it'LL be ok.. it juz means i'm onLine and trying to do smth funny to the page.. haha..

my ang bao collecting has ceased (sadLy).. and i juz spent lyk a lot of mooLah today, mainly to buy jin's sis a nice wedding gift.. its so nice and sweeT, i want it for myself.. but its out of point to keep it for myself.. haha..

so anywayz, have a good week ahead.. and knowing me.. i'll juz bLog again later tonighT.. haha...

Monday, February 17, 2003

went to maLaysia and spent time w my fave niece

hey hey!! me is back frm m'sia! went thru a bLardy bad jam at 2nd link.. actually we were headed to the causeway 1st.. but den.. WAH LIAO!! so headed to 2nd link.. was v bad oso.. but not as jiaLat..

so anywayz, went to maLaysia and spent time w my fave niece.. she's so cuTe! oh she's onli 6+.. SO CUTE!! haha.. and she loves me. and i love her :D haha..

survived d usuaL "wah so big liao!" "wah ah-ger ah, getting prettier and prettier!" "wah ah-ger ah! ur broTher taLLer den u liao!" so on and so forth.. but it's nice going back to m'sia.. coz my mom's side of d family is so much closer and sTuff.. but of coz i was blardy sianz when d kids were running ard lyk mad and d aduLts are all yakking and yakking abt dunno wad....... and i onli haf one cousin dere who's my age.. we used to be really really close and inseperable.. budden... oh well.. long story.... so anywayz i didnt get to see her at all.. i actually havent seen her in a really long time.. wad made it worse was tt dey started to look at old pics. and talked abt d good ol'days.. sigh.. made me think of how far we've come, how much we've changed.. how much things have changed.. and so on and so forth..

i think it's good that i dun go back to m'sia too often.. coz my appetite is better dere.. and got more mood to eat.. i think i really ate a lot over the 2 days i was dere.. haha.. stay any longer and i'll come back soooooooo fat i can't get into the mrt train. need to loose weight.hahaha...

and hOn.. its nice to know tt u dun think i'm fat and ugLy.. ;) thanks for believing and reminding me tt i'm a god chick ;)

see! wad wud i do w/o frens lyk honey hon? or eLi.. or yoyo?? haha...

my nieces and nephews were all so fascinated by my henna tattoo.. dey started rubbing at it.. lyk they practically tried to scrub my skin off... so not onli did my hand feel really sore, d tattoo now has a shorter life span... some parts are lyk really faded liao...... kids.... sigh...

i wanna watch movie.. watch movie.. watch movieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.. esp last samurai!! despite wad everyone's been saying/thinking of tom cruise, i still think he rox k!!! haha...

economy's better this yr.. ang bao for sg so far is $416.. but too bad i can't say "$416 and counting".. coz yah i pretty much received frm all my relatives liao.. and i'm not big on visiting.. haha... and RM is abt 200.. not as much.. oh weLL..

happy collecting mooLah for the next 12 days or so.... i got too much stuff in my head to organise coherently and put here.. so.. oh welL...

enjOyz :D

listening to "ice cream" by sarah mclachlan... (who eLse do i listen to dese days man??)