Wednesday, January 01, 2003

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! its officiaLLy 2003!!!

haha.. ok jokes.. so fast a yr has flown by. into the recesses of my drawer my 2002 far side planner will go, and my pink hello kitty one will see d light of day and the dust of nus.. haha..

havent had a good cry in a while. and claypot commented that i seem more guarded. but juz now, after charmed, i went into my rOom to avoid watching countdown on tv, and i prayed. more of thanksgiving for 2002. 2002 was an extremely eventful yr, wad with working and starting uni and all. got to knoe many wonderful ppl in this past yr, and learnt many many many things. many things, esp relationships, have started, ended, and changed in this past 365 days.. and i am all the better for it all. i think.

oh well. God has certainly blessed me greatly in 2002. tho many unpleasant stuff has happened, its all part and parcel of life. and with His grace and mercy i'm still alive and in one piece :D and His blessings haf also been showered upon me.

and it is during this quiet time of thanksgiving that i broke down and cried.. not teared.. but lyk a tap kind la. haha.. and aft the tears are gone, i juz sat in silence. and once again, my faith is reaffirmed. and the world shd look out in 2003, for i'll walk in His light with all of His people, being a force to be reckoned with. i'm more den sure 2003 will be a yr of great and powerful things.. and i rest secure in His love for me. and know wad, i feel so much better.. haha.. juz maybe a bit upset that i cried la.

hOpe tt in this new yr, i'll be able to be a greater blessing to all around me. that in all things i do, i glorify Him.

may d Lord bLess u and keep u aLL shiny ppL!! -hugz-