Wednesday, January 01, 2003

today was me last day at work and it was great

hey. hope u all had a good 1st day of d yr. today was me last day at work and it was great. at info 3 d whole day!! haha. and i even got to play sarah mclachlan at work!! (along w ismail's old school ballads la..) hee hee..

anyway, i'm so broke. haha. but i need to shop... pining away for my pay to come in.. in abt a weeK!! so long.... haha...

and i feel a lot better already. i think. :D juz tt mite slip into bitchiness for no reason now and den.. but well well.. haha.. thanks to all who haf stuck by me these 2 days or so.. and i know u guys wiLL continue to stand by me ya?? hee hee..

this is gonna sound really wad. but i realise i cannot take it when ppl tell me how much fun and how happening their NYE was.. ok la i admit its lyk sour grapes.. but well.. it makes me squirm and feel even more no life and loser. i'm usually not lidat. its juz tt was feeling lyk jilted and abandoned, so when i haf no plans when everyone else does, it juz makes me feel more loser-fied. haha..

oh well. tp test tmr morn. wish me luck :)

and i was reminded that its not abt me, but abt Him. w/o Him, i'm nothing.
"all things were created through Him and for Him"
Colossians 1:16 :)

"tho i've tried i've fallen
i have sunk so low
i've messed up better i should know
so dun u come round here
and tell me i told you so"

sarah mclachlan sings "faLLen"