Friday, January 10, 2003

ok i finally can view my own bLog.

and i'm finally listening to mirrorbalL! haha!! but after listening to aftergLow, i still prefer aftergLow. mean lyk its a more mature sound frm her, with more moving lyrics... sad but dey speak to me more den her old songs. but i love dem all anyway :D

anyway, today was pretty cooL.. went to watch "love me if u dare".. finaLLy. fantastic movie! super welL done, juz didnt really lyk the ending la. but its v.. haunting... and its in french which makes it all the cooler.. maybe one day i can watch it and understand wad dey're saying w/o having to read the subtitles all d time.. haha.. french is such a beautiful language :)

need to shop. but no $$.. haha..

oh and i think my mom's ok abt the money thing liao, coz today i got my pay and topped up the savings acc.. haha..

anyway, tmr is back to sch after 2 days.. haha... oh weLL... den its the weekend.. den its 2nd wk liaO!!! nd to get all my readings soON!!!! -panic panic- haha.. kidding.. i'm cOOL!! haha...

getting really psychotic.. better log off soOn.. haha..

Wednesday, January 08, 2003

i'm v irritated my blogspot

or my connection. or my server. I CAN'T VIEW MY BLOG! OR YOURS for that matter. everytime i type in the blog add, i get to!! how irritating is that?? so i can blog but i cant see wad i've blogged. and i cant see wad u guys haf been blogging either, so pls forgive my absence. i can, however, view the blog in schooL, so i figured that it mus be connection or the server at hOme.. haha.. but since i cant lug my x31 to sch everyday, (and i dun go to sch everyday) i cant read ur blog everyday. sorry ah. esp to d booksellers, coz i make it a point to touch base dere regularly.. haha.. now to find a way to sort this out so i can start reading blogs at home again instead of blogging and not knowing wad i blogged. haha..

Tuesday, January 07, 2003

okie today was cooL

tho kinda bz and did a bit of travelling.. had to bring bro to docs this morn at beauty world.. den couldn't jog. i muz start soon and do it regularly man. i'm getting bLardy F-A-T!! cannot stand myself la... oh den aft tt went town. to borders to get smth and claim money.. haha.. den went tuition, den went town again! to meet ismaiL and gang for dinner.. went to little india!! quite cooL.. i had to call william and tell him tt i'm dere, surrounded by his fave kind of people.. esp after taking SN1101E!! haha... anyway the chapatti dere is soLid la.. thanks ismaiL for d treat :)

and my mom is really on my case abt the horrendous amt of $$ i spent over december. and i accidentally let it sLip tt i was using my other acc. but i dun get it la.. coz tt acc is lyk MY savings frm my prev stint at borders, and wad's the point of having it and yada yada if i cant use it??? and so now she wants me to recollect how i ate into $300 frm tt acc over the past 6 months. its been 6 months. i dun think i really went overboard dere la... sigh. not prudent but i dun think it was that bad lo. not lyk i had to beg borrow steal.. not lyk i use until not a cent left den tell her. and she said i wasn't honest to her la, lyk why i use money nv tell her. mean lyk its MY money, MY account, and i think i dun hafta report to her everytime i open my wallet la.. ARGH!
hOpe she gets over it soon lo.. i dun get why shes so freaking uptight about this and why she thinks i'll juz spend every single cent that i have in a day or smth!! ARGH!!!!!!

ok tmr is lyk going town again. ismaiL gonna lend me mirrorbaLL!!! haha.. finaLLy.. think i'll feel so much better soOn.. hope she'll get off my case!!

okie gonna zzzzz liaO... nite nite..

Monday, January 06, 2003

in sch now. stoning

can u beLieve it.. i'm actually in sch now. stoning. suddenly so free.. lyk v weird lidat leh.. SIAN.. and i'm so sian. and so sian. i wanna listen to sarah mclachlan!!! crap. hafta record it into md or juz go get a discman reaLLy soOn. cant wait to take my bLoody tp test again in march lo.. so irritating. the whole world can drive except me. sigh...
aiyah.. v sian.. and all the chatter ard me is starting to get to me.. think i'll escape to lib to find readings sOOn. den got js lecture at 4...

-pining away for sarah maclachlan's voice....-

someone pLs heLp me loOk out for "mirrorbaLL". i'm so wasting away waiting for that cd to be in my possession.....

Sunday, January 05, 2003

today 1st day at sch was ok

hi aLL.. today 1st day at sch was ok.. not toO bad.. haha.. really looking forward tO starting french lessons.. altho theres not a single english word in the entire french textbk and exercise bk.. :) haha.. was reaLLy :) that i survived classes, tuition and cg!!
anyway, it wasn't really eventful for a 1st day la.. juz a minor trouble finding a toilet. haha. lyk my usual places all kena construction. God was testing my bLadder la.. eventually went to the one outside PS office.. :)
CG was great! had a great time sharing :)
oh welL. hOpe tmr wiLL be goOd.. tmr got NY aLumni prac.. 2 more pracs to concert.. nd to find black collar shirt..

sarah mclachlan sings "time"