Wednesday, January 08, 2003

i'm v irritated my blogspot

or my connection. or my server. I CAN'T VIEW MY BLOG! OR YOURS for that matter. everytime i type in the blog add, i get to!! how irritating is that?? so i can blog but i cant see wad i've blogged. and i cant see wad u guys haf been blogging either, so pls forgive my absence. i can, however, view the blog in schooL, so i figured that it mus be connection or the server at hOme.. haha.. but since i cant lug my x31 to sch everyday, (and i dun go to sch everyday) i cant read ur blog everyday. sorry ah. esp to d booksellers, coz i make it a point to touch base dere regularly.. haha.. now to find a way to sort this out so i can start reading blogs at home again instead of blogging and not knowing wad i blogged. haha..