Sunday, January 05, 2003

today 1st day at sch was ok

hi aLL.. today 1st day at sch was ok.. not toO bad.. haha.. really looking forward tO starting french lessons.. altho theres not a single english word in the entire french textbk and exercise bk.. :) haha.. was reaLLy :) that i survived classes, tuition and cg!!
anyway, it wasn't really eventful for a 1st day la.. juz a minor trouble finding a toilet. haha. lyk my usual places all kena construction. God was testing my bLadder la.. eventually went to the one outside PS office.. :)
CG was great! had a great time sharing :)
oh welL. hOpe tmr wiLL be goOd.. tmr got NY aLumni prac.. 2 more pracs to concert.. nd to find black collar shirt..

sarah mclachlan sings "time"