Tuesday, January 07, 2003

okie today was cooL

tho kinda bz and did a bit of travelling.. had to bring bro to docs this morn at beauty world.. den couldn't jog. i muz start soon and do it regularly man. i'm getting bLardy F-A-T!! cannot stand myself la... oh den aft tt went town. to borders to get smth and claim money.. haha.. den went tuition, den went town again! to meet ismaiL and gang for dinner.. went to little india!! quite cooL.. i had to call william and tell him tt i'm dere, surrounded by his fave kind of people.. esp after taking SN1101E!! haha... anyway the chapatti dere is soLid la.. thanks ismaiL for d treat :)

and my mom is really on my case abt the horrendous amt of $$ i spent over december. and i accidentally let it sLip tt i was using my other acc. but i dun get it la.. coz tt acc is lyk MY savings frm my prev stint at borders, and wad's the point of having it and yada yada if i cant use it??? and so now she wants me to recollect how i ate into $300 frm tt acc over the past 6 months. its been 6 months. i dun think i really went overboard dere la... sigh. not prudent but i dun think it was that bad lo. not lyk i had to beg borrow steal.. not lyk i use until not a cent left den tell her. and she said i wasn't honest to her la, lyk why i use money nv tell her. mean lyk its MY money, MY account, and i think i dun hafta report to her everytime i open my wallet la.. ARGH!
hOpe she gets over it soon lo.. i dun get why shes so freaking uptight about this and why she thinks i'll juz spend every single cent that i have in a day or smth!! ARGH!!!!!!

ok tmr is lyk going town again. ismaiL gonna lend me mirrorbaLL!!! haha.. finaLLy.. think i'll feel so much better soOn.. hope she'll get off my case!!

okie gonna zzzzz liaO... nite nite..