Thursday, January 02, 2003

failing my tp test

i feel a lot better today.. despite failing my tp test la. haha but its ok. not lyk i expected to pass. ;) so ya, i'm cooL.. nex test in march.. pray for me. :D
anyway, i guess i'm a lot better now tt the new yr has started. really looking forward to a new beginning in more ways den one! hee.. shan't bore u aLL w the detaiLs la.. :D
anD today was pretty hectic.. haha.. but got mom drive me ard.. at least till i got to dobhy ghaut and had to take a train to kovan to meet my cg at cLaypot (seah's) place. haha. his sister v cute. lucky she dun looK lyk him. hahaha!!!
oh well.. was d only percussionist today at aLumni prac la.. den had to play dumset. it was lyk 1st time lo. lyk if u know how i am lyk in band u'll know that i can'T and won'T pLay d drumset.. but QPM and disco lives sounds weird w/o drum set.. so i made a feeble attempt. didnt go too badly. i hope. :)
anyway, gtg do qt soOn. and read the 2nd chapt of purpose driven life. :D

"You stay the course You hoLd the line and keep it all together
You're the one true thing i know i can beLieve in"

sarah mclachlan sings "push"