Saturday, January 04, 2003

sch is starting tmr

hi aLL..
sch is starting tmr. finally. i know the hoLs are short and alL, but aft i quit my job i was immediately plunged into long monologues w myself.. (duh. MONOlogue).. haha.. lyk tho its onli wad, 3 days between no job and sch start, and not lyk i'm v free during that 3 days, but.. oh weLL.. i juz nd to occupy myself so i wun think so much rubbish and therefore haf less psychobabble. i hope.

went for ac concert last nite. was good. missed my days playing under lee's batOn.. not going into wad a winderful conductor he is la.. but yah, i really miss playing under his baton, with acjc band, as a student. i think playing as a aLumni is different as playing as a student lo.. sigh.. maybe next yr i'll go back and play for their concert if can. maybe.

oh welL, ny concert this sat. the 10th. tho onli playing 2-3 short pieces, hope it goes well. am kinda excited too.. v long nv perform on stage in a concert liao. (the botanicaL garden stint w nusws does not count ah)

anyway, hOpe u aLL haf a blessed sabbaTh ;) for those going back 2 sch, see ya aLL ard la. for the shiny bOokseLLer gang, dO take care and lets try to get tog for dinner or smth.. basically, juz take care, everyOne of you!!

God is love :D